In this Intensive you have the chance to dive deep, going for a whole month of ongoing practice and intense training with a very experienced teacher in a group of dedicated dancers.

We will feed our bodies with a lot of technical tools and tricks, engage our mind longing for a deeper understanding of what we are doing when we are dancing CI. And yes, we will nourish our soul, craving for an environment of heart-open like-minded humans, where artistic expression is just as important as food and sunlight.

We will start with the floor, connect with our breath and invite a deep listening as a base of contact from body to body.
From Floor Work to Shoulder Lifts, engaging in discussions and watching videos, working extensively in the studio and use the nature as a landscape to immerse ourselves… losing ourselves to finding something new. Together.
Be ready for a transformative experience in your dancing and in your life.

I already feel honoured and excited to be your guide on this journey,
Ulli Wittemann



20.01.2023 - 19.02.2023


Nature Community